Now what?

Here you can design your very own AmiStick, by choosing the top panel layout, the colors of the lever ball, the buttons and the cable adapter, and also the length of the feet. When you're done, copy the code from the bottom of the page and send it, together with the shipping destination country, to amistick@fastmail.com or simply use this link.

I will send you back the total order cost and the colored mockup of your AmiStick variant for visual verification. If you agree on the price and the product details, I will give you the full payment information.

ATTENTION: The cable is not included in the order. There are a lot of variants available on the market, that's why I leave the choice of cable length, color and other details solely to you. Just remember to use the straight-through (568B standard) and not cross-over cable.



Lever ball (LB)

Button 1 (B1)

Button 2 (B2)

Button 3 (B3)

Cable adapter

Feet length

Front row

Back row

Order code

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