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What is the AmiStick?

AmiStick is a professional joystick made for classic Amiga* computers, designed and built with a few core principles in mind:

  • simplicity
  • comfort of use
  • durability
  • easy maintenance
  • easy customizability

* - because of the size of the connector AmiStick uses, Amiga 600 requires additional adapter.


AmiStick is based on the same parts that are used in arcade machines and its frame is made out of wood and steel. All of that guarantees many years of problem-free playing.


No unnecessary features. Only the essentials: a solid controller and buttons.

Why include THREE buttons?

Remember all of those games, where you had to press UP to jump? Now you have an extra button for that. You're welcome.

Comfort of use

The joystick's lever ball is large and comfortable and enables you to hold it in various ways. The layout of the buttons will quickly help you forget about auto-fire.

Rounded edges ease the pressure on the skin and muscles, giving you extra comfort.

Big size ensures stability, and more free estate for the hands. You can also hold the AmiStick on your lap.


The main components used in the AmiStick (the lever ball and the buttons) are produced by a renowned Japanese company Seimitsu. Their testing area includes Japanese arcades, so you can be sure that their products will withstand any torture.

The upper and lower panel are made of MDF. In comparison with solid wood, it does not deform as a result of changes in air humidity and practically does not require maintenance.

A custom designed PCB is responsible for the joystick's connection with the computer.

The elements are joint together with steel spacers and the entire construction is based on vibroisolation feet.

Top view. North-west side.

Easy maintenance

No glue or any other permanent adhesive were used in the making of the AmiStick. It can be disassembled using some standard tools:

  • 2,5 mm hex key
  • 7 mm wrench (optional)
  • 8 mm wrench (optional)

The cables are connected with standard 2,8 mm and 4,8 mm flat connectors.

Every six months the joystick's pivot should be lubricated with a plastic-safe silicone grease.

The microswitches are screwed into the joystick and can be easily detached and replaced.

To connect to the computer, the AmiStick uses a standard ethernet cable, which can be simply disconnected (e.g. during transport).

Easy customizability

From the beginning, the AmiStick was planned with the idea of effortless customization.

The panels were left in a raw state on purpose, so if you're not very fond of the colour brown, let your imagination run wild. Draw, paint, varnish, carve and engrave. Express yourself.

You don't like the colour or the size of the lever ball? - buy another one or better - make your own. Do you think the joystick is "kinda weird"? - you can replace it with any Seimitsu product, as long as it's compatible with the SS mounting plate. If the buttons don't feel right, there's a huge collection of alternative models available.

Nothing stands in the way of replacing all the electronics and wiring. You can make a new patch cord yourself or buy one in any computer store.

You can also change the height of the construction by exchanging the spacers or the feet.

I'm sure many of you will be happy to hear (or read) that the AmiStick is available in two variants: with the joystick on the left or on the right side of the panel.

Ethernet cable

The special interface, named AmiJoy, and the ethernet cable are only two out of three puzzle piecies. The last one is the RJ45-DB9 adapter, which leads all the signals to the right lines in the computer.

Only for Amiga?


First of all, the Amiga version of the joystick automatically works with:

  • Commodore: C-64, C-128, VIC-20, SX-64
  • Atari: 2600, 400 (XL), 600 XL, 800 (XL), 1200 XL, 65 XE, 130 XE, 800 XE

and after buying the second adapter, with:

  • Amstrad: CPC 6128, CPC 6128 PLUS

What about the colours?

The lever ball and the buttons are available in seven variants:

  • red
  • pink
  • yellow
  • green
  • blue
  • white
  • black

It's possible to order the buttons with the black outer frame and the inside in any of the given colours above.

Available Colors

Technical specification

  • Joystick: Seimitsu LS-32-SS
  • Buttons: Seimitsu PS-14-GN
  • Interface: AmiJoy v2.0
  • Panels: MDF, 8 mm (top), 6 mm (bottom)
  • Dimensions: 340 x 230 x 130 mm
  • Weight: ~1.4 kg

How much is it?

300 PLN / 85 USD / 70 EUR / 65 GBP (tax included) plus shipping cost.

What's the order execution time?

Shipping parts from Japan takes around two weeks. The package might wait in customs just as long. Add to it the production time and a safety net for unforeseen delays.

Overall: 6 weeks + delivery time

Shut up and take my money!

Because I buy the most important parts straight from a Japanese wholesaler that requires a minimum order price, I cannot make single units. I need to gather at least 20 orders which can take some time. Please, take this into account while placing the order.

Need more information?

If you have a question that didn't find an answer to on the website, feel free to contact me via email amistick@fastmail.com. I will regurarly update the site with the topics often brought up there.

Bottom view. South-east side.
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